Day Two of the Second World Conference on Bioethics and Animal Rights in Brazil

After various student presentations in the morning on the second day of the conference, Peter Singer of Princeton University spoke on “Climate Change as an Ethical Issue” via video conference.  He discussed the impacts of climate change and explained that since greenhouse gas emissions must only occur if necessary for survival due to the urgency in which we must decrease emissions, the higher greenhouse gases associated with livestock and dairy production as compared to other foods, make meat a luxury item with luxury emissions.  Further, because the use of luxury emissions is unethical, meat consumption is morally wrong when it is not a necessity.

Professor David Favre from Michigan State University then spoke on “Legal Rights for Wildlife: An Application of Bioethics.”  He discussed the possibility of humans’ respectful use of animals, the power relationship that humans have with animals, and how this places humans in a position of responsibility.

-Elizabeth Bennett

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