Haiku For You

The fall book is wrapping up and the mad rush to the end has begun. Articles are due and need final polishing around the same time finals time rolls around, which is convenient because the law review work is slowing down just in time to start cracking on outlines. It will be nice to finally hold in-hand what we’ve all been staring at on computer screens for the past few months.

But don’t think for a second that the end of one book means a break from editing. There are winter and spring books to start, and with them a fresh set of articles waiting to be infiltrated by your little red comment bubbles.

I think the best part of law review is being exposed to the wide variety of (in my case,) environmental law issues that are floating around. It’s unfortunate that only a few come across our articles group tables during the course of the year. Our next article, about our built environments, seems like it will be a good read. When I received the books I needed to source check the article, I wished I had the time to actually look through them. The philosophy behind architecture and community development is an interest of mine that was recently renewed during a trip to Wright’s Fallingwater in the Laurel Highlands this past September.

Editing an article that reminds you of a recent trip is a nice change of pace from reading about the harvesting of organs from prisoners in third world countries.

Fall book: Completed!
Edit fulfillment fleeting,
Winter book. No pause.

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