“tiiiime is on my side…” ~ Rolling Stones

On law review, as in life, time is against you.  Classes/class reading, socializing, office hours, Facebook, meetings for clubs and organizations, Mamaroneck Ave., bluebooking, the first season of Spartacus Blood and Sand (it’s pretty great, in a 300 meets Gladiator kind of way), send out a resume (not hear back), and repeat.  Oh wait, that’s right, what about my law review article?  Well fear not, because during the tremendously long break you did a rough draft!  OK, so the word rough may have been used pretty liberally, but at the very least you have a good idea of what you’re writing about, so you don’t really need to worry.  If that’s the case then why do I have this nagging voice in the back of my head saying, “Dave! What about your article?!?!”  I may be experiencing the psychological effects of 2L-too-much-going-on-itis (OK so I just put the words together and added an “itis” to make it sound professional, but it’s a working theory), where the subject, namely me, constantly feels like he/she is not reading or researching enough, or all together applying himself enough.  More likely, however, that voice is right.

Over the summer orientation, one of the 3Ls told me to set aside some time during the week dedicated to my law review article.  I tried that (emphasis added, kidding).  That did not really work first semester.  This semester however, I am more determined!  Though I am also determined to do well in Evidence and Corporations, find a paying job for the summer, and go to the gym more (to combat my law-school-made-me-unfit-itis).  Forcing myself to dedicate and isolate the requisite amount of time needed to write an article is difficult, yet necessary.  Besides my inferiority complex about knowing little about environmental law, leaving the continuous research and writing until the last minute would be a major fail (yes that was the voice in my head right then).  So, what to do, well, looks like Spartacus has to be put on hold, Facebook (or Diablo in Spanish) needs to be logged off of, and just to quiet this nagging voice, Dave will be spending Fridays (before going out) getting intimate with his article. . .  Hi friend, let’s make the magic happen!

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