Citing My Thoughts

Id, available at, e.g., see, see also, but see, see generally, infra & supra just to name a few of my favorite things about bluebooking (BKing).  And by favorite things I mean, I think I might be losing my mind.  When I was a Government Major in college, I actually enjoyed writing papers.  I would throw in some quotes which were cited, and maybe even refer to some research done in an article that I would cite to.  However, the best part of writing the papers was the freedom to express my thoughts without the 5 ton elephant on my back yelling (yes this elephant can speak), “do you need a cite!?!?”  To which this elephant answers, “YES YOU DO!” (guess it was a rhetorical question) almost every time.  I miss the free flow of ideas, I miss being able to say things like, “the world is coming to an end” and not have to cite to the Bible.[1] Before, when writing a paper, I would do some research, gather the basic ideas of smarter people than myself, put them together, then sit at a computer for 8 hours, easily churning out a 20 page paper.  Now, because Harvard Law Review decided 4,112 years ago that citations were important,[2] I have to make sure that every thought that is not a 100% my own is cited to someone or somewhere that had it first.  Okay, before you get all self righteous about how important citing is, let me stop you there and say, I agree.  The weight of authority that previous academics give to my writings and the way citing stops me from stealing someone else’s thoughts is important.  However, I want to be able to just write!  This need to not have to cite brings us back to this blog, where I refuse to cite.[3] In an effort to stay sane please allow me to get some thoughts out that I am otherwise precluded from writing in my law review article without citations.

The fact that greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, like power companies, have for so long been able to emit without any real regulations on them is completely ridiculous and a testament to their lobby on Capitol Hill.  I think these GHG emissions are a public nuisance in every way imaginable.  While I am not fully convinced that the Judiciary is the best branch of government to create regulations for these industries, it is beyond doubt that as a check on the other branches, if the citizenry is being harmed and the other branches will not act, the Judiciary should.  Finally, as an all encompassing thought, let me just say, the effects of global warming are bad.[4]

[1] See Rev. 17:1 (I am most likely making this up so please refrain from panicking, dropping out of law school and spending the rest of your loan money at D.Q.. Though I really would love a D.Q. Blizzard right now, but I digress.).

[2] Citation omitted (mainly because I made that up, but because of the Bluebook I cannot assume the reader would get that joke so I feel the need to make sure the fact that it is untrue is pointed out in a parenthetical).

[3] Yes I used two citations previously but they are meant as sarcasm than anything else.  Don’t judge.

[4] See supra note 2.

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