Fall: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love autumn. It is my favorite of the four seasons. Now, granted, my “favorite” season is pretty subjective: it tends to change with the arrival of each new season. That being said, and with autumn currently poking its way into our lives, I stand by my statement that this is my favorite time of year. It seems that, no matter what troubles I may be facing, if I am given the opportunity to step outside on a crisp fall day, feel comfortable bundled in my jacket, and be able to look up and see a beautiful blue sky accompanied by a line of red and orange tree tops, my mood can instantly be lifted. It’s as though this one simple act is capable of washing away all my cynicism and negativity. I honestly feel I have an actual pep in my step once I step foot outside during this lovely time of year. What’s more, during my daily spurts of ungrounded cheerfulness, the fact that I am in law school never seems to cross my mind.


Unfortunately for me, though, my walk to school takes roughly ten minutes. This means that, despite my recently gained positivity and belief that all must be good in the world if we’re lucky enough to be given days like these, things tend to turn ugly. Once I enter the school’s doors, I quickly realize that all those plans I just made up in my head to go pumpkin picking and watch football all day Sunday and drink hot apple cider made from all the apples I plan to pick and to jump in the leaves (yes, I still jump in leaves when presented with a pile of them) were, in fact, “fake plans.” We all know fake plans: things you say you’ll do, all the while knowing full well you’ll never get around to them. Reality quickly catches up to me as I realize that, when you’re in school, October no longer has the single connotation of beautiful fall days accompanied by enjoyable fall activities. Sadly, the arrival of the end of this month also alerts us to the fact that we are well into the semester. As such, I am no longer able to justify my confusion in my classes by telling myself, I’m still getting settled in… things will come together soon… I don’t have to figure this stuff out yet. No. By now, I should be fully “settled.” And though I’m nowhere near this step of the process, I’m pretty sure at least the thought of outlining should be resonating in my head… Shouldn’t I at least be making fake plans to start my outlines?

Oh well. No choice but to keep truckin’. And in the meantime, at least I have my enjoyable, yet short-lived, morning walks to school!

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