NELMCC 2014: Part 1 of 3

Every year, Pace Law School hosts the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (NELMCC). This year’s competition began today with a bang!

75 teams competed today in the first two preliminary rounds. Over 75 attorneys ventured to Pace to serve as judges for these rounds. The campus was crazy and teeming with people!

Competitors will participate in one more preliminary round tomorrow before the eliminations begin. Then, the top 27 teams will advance to the quarter-finals tomorrow afternoon.

Though no eliminations occurred today, the competitors worked endlessly to prepare and to showcase their oral argument skills.

Most notably, the day concluded with a special reception that recognized the teams that composed the best briefs (we cannot yet identify them as all teams are anonymous). However, the focus of the ceremony was dedicated to Professor Jeffrey G. Miller and his tireless efforts and contributions to NELMCC over the past few decades. Without him, this type of competition, focusing on environmental legal issues, may never have arisen, never mind arisen at Pace Law School.

The competition will now be called the Jeffrey G. Miller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition. What a mouthful!

Stay tuned for more updates about the competition in the days to come!

–Cayleigh Eckhardt, NELMCC Chair 2014

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