NELMCC 2014: Part 2 of 3

The Jeffrey G. Miller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition continued today!

All 75 teams competed in the third preliminary round, which was held this morning. The scores they received from judges for this round and the preceding two preliminary rounds were calculated and aggregated in combination with the scores that each team received for its written brief. The best of these 27 scores were then identified and those teams were chosen to move on to the Quarter Final Round! (again, the competition requires anonymity, therefore, the teams that advanced to the Quarterfinals will remain nameless for the time being).

The teams then immediately began preparing for the Quarter Final, scheduled to begin later in the afternoon.

Amid the calculation of scores and preparation for the coming Quarter Final Round, NELMCC also held a Professor’s Workshop entitled 40 Years of the ESA: Our Nation’s Pioneering Wildlife Law, Still under Siege. The workshop included a presentation conducted by Victor Flatt and Zyg Plater. The presentation focused on the history of the Endangered Species Act and the current challenged that the legislation faces.  The ESA has a buffeted political history, surviving merely on yearly continuing resolutions since 1995, and now it’s in the cross-hairs of the Tea Party–Rand Paul’s S. 1731 and H.R. 3533 are only the latest assaults. But the ESA story is not just about wildlife. It’s a small window on a much larger political landscape of environmental law and beyond … and a diminutive snail darter swims through it.”

According to individuals in attendance, the workshop was a great success!

The Quarter Final Round then commenced, and 9 different rooms with 27 teams argues and fought for a position in the Semi-Final Round set to take place tomorrow (Saturday, February 22). Judges selected the best team in their round to continue on the Semi-Final Round. Many judges commented on what a tough decision they faced with such dedicated, tenacious oralists on almost every team!

Finally, by 6:30pm, we announced the 9 teams that would advance to the Semi-Final Round! (again, anonymity prevents disclosure of the schools and competitor names). We also announced the best oralist and the runner up!

Congratulations to the best oralists and to the semi-finalists! We are waiting impatiently to see the coming rounds, which will decide the winner of NELMCC 2014!!

Check in with the PELR blog tomorrow to learn who wins the competition and the names of the best brief winners, the Quarter-Finalists, and the Semi-Finalists!!

–Cayleigh Eckhardt, NELMCC Chair 2014

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