Pace’s Own Present at this year’s IUCNAEL Colloquium

Scholars from across the globe have been making inspiring, informative presentation over the course of the conference, but Pace Law School was fortunate to send three of our own incredible scholars to present!

Dean Emeritus Richard Ottinger and John Bowie (recent alum, and–well–you all know him!) presented their recent collaboration, a paper that provides a survey of private financing mechanisms for renewable energy, entitled “Innovative Financing for Renewable Energy.”  Dean Ottinger framed the topic and then allowed John to take the reins! He so eloquently discussed six of the numerous case studies presented in the paper, and the presentation elicited many positive questions and comments from the audience.

In the afternoon, Professor David Cassuto gave a vibrant presentation on the interstate water dispute between Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, specifically the three states’ competing claims for the water of the Chatahoochee River. Florida petitioned the Supreme Court to decide the issue, and we will see what happens!

The afternoon concluded with a presentation by Dr. Ludwig Kramer, University of Bremen, Germany, who delivered a lecture on The Integration of Energy Requirements into Environmental Policy. His presentation united many of the themes thrown around throughout the competition and ultimately demanded that we each “take action!”

PELR definitely heard the call! What an inspiration!

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