GreenLaw Blog

GreenLaw is the blog of the Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University’s top-ranked environmental law program and aims to provide information, context, and commentary on current events and developments in the field of environmental law. Authored by professors, scholars, practitioners, and students, GreenLaw covers a broad array of topics – ranging widely from energy usage, sustainability, environmental degradation, climate change, and water shortages to protection mechanisms, targeted initiatives, and new legal developments. In so doing, this blog aims to identify the oft-ignored interconnections between the most pressing environmental problems of our time, and ultimately, insight into possible solutions.

As a legal magazine, GreenLaw was published by the Center for Environmental Legal Studies beginning in 1997.  Originally known as Environmentally Friendly, the publication changed its name to GreenLaw in 2001. During the summer of 2010, the decision was made to transform the publication into a blog in order to extend this environmental coverage to a larger audience, eliminate the need for paper usage, and more easily communicate with those who share our concerns.

We enthusiastically welcome reader comments and feedback as our intention is to establish an ongoing public dialogue within the international environmental law community.

The blog is edited and maintained by the Pace Environmental Law Review. To submit a blog for consideration, email with the subject line “GreenLaw”

For more information about Haub Law’s environmental law program, click here.