PELR requires either a one or two-year commitment. Only Associates who sign on for a two-year commitment are eligible to run for an Editorial Board position in their second year.

  1. Students who ranked in the top 10% after their first semester are automatically invited to join the law review of their choosing.
  2. Students in the top 40% of their class can participate in the write-on without a supplemental statement. This is the top 40% AFTER second-semester grades.
  3. Students not within the top 40% can do the write-on, but have to write a Statement of Interest. Statement of Interest: 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman. Can include: (1) why you would be a good addition to a law review; (2) how you will contribute to the diversity of a law review; (3) what topic you would write your Note about.

All rising 2Ls are eligible to participate in the write-on. If selected, they will join as Junior Associates with a two-year commitment and eligibility for the e-board in their second year. Additionally, rising part-time 2Ls, rising part-time 3Ls, and transfer students who, upon admission to Pace, would meet either of the foregoing descriptions are eligible to participate in the write-on. Unlike PILR and PLR, rising 3Ls are eligible to participate in the write-on and will be considered for PELR. 3Ls will join as Senior Associates with a one-year commitment.