Professor Robinson is currently involved in the UNEP World Congress on Justice, Governance and Law for Environmental Sustaiability. The meeting schedule and photos of the event by IISD are available at  His report on yesterday’s meeting:

Judges agreed that there is a need for building the capacity of environmental courts and tribunals, and that judicial continuing education should be encouraged and work with judicial institutes should be advanced.

About 200 people are here, including chief justices along with a number of auditors and prosecutors and IUCN CEL leaders.

From 9-8 pm with a short lunch break, plenary and break out group meetings have been completed on the 18th, with the same schedule on the 19th. We shall have a draft statement of findings on the 19th and finalize it that evening for our return to the Rio Supreme Court on Wednesday. The plenary at Rio Court is Wednesday in the mid day. More to report tomorrow.