This month of October, Pace | Haub Environmental Law’s GreenLawBlog will be co-hosting, with Environmental Law Prof Blog, a series of essays by the Environmental Law Collaborative (ELC) on the adaptation challenges of the worst-case climate scenario: a world that warms to 4°C by 2100.

The ELC seeks to foster progress toward an adaptive, conscious, and equitable governance of actions that impact local and global ecologies by engaging the contemporary discourse. The ELC facilitates dialogue among thought leaders on sustainable policy priorities, practical implementation strategies, assessment mechanisms, and cooperative analysis of science, economics, and ethics.

The fifth meeting of the ELC took place in Colorado Springs in July. During the conference, environmental law scholars from around the country met to discuss “Facing the Worst Climate Case: The Role of Law.”

The Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University was a co-sponsor of the fifth meeting of the ELC. Attending the recent ELC meeting from Haub Law were Professors Katrina Fischer Kuh and Josh Galperin. Professor Kuh is a board member of the ELC.